Posters for communications presentation and studio thus far

Technical drawings of ‘the chameleon’ parasite design. These drawings are still being worked on. More details need to be added and some need to be worked up into presentation drawings using various renders.

Initial sketches of areas of the site that intrigued me, as well as conceptual sketches of the parasite design.


1. Graph comparing the human movement within the site and along the collins street footpath. Comparing the differentiation in traffic flow.

2. Material investigation of different materials found on site and where they were found.

3. A diagram showing the different colour tones relevant to their presence on site.

4. Drawings of interesting textures I found on site.

5. Collage of site.

6. When I was on site I noticed these seeds flying through the air every time there was a big gust of wind. The trees onsite were spawning for much of the time during this project. This is a display of the seeds that I collected as a documentation of what I experienced.

7. The concrete textured walls onsite really intrigued me. I always wondered what may have created this obscure texture. I came to the conclusion that they were once windows that had been removed and never properly filled. The removal of the once existing building was very rough, so that that the structural integrity of the building beside it was not affected and covered over with sprayed concreted. I decided to show these voids with a fabric collage type of work. The fabric is stacked to show where the concrete is thicker. The thickness of the fabric is to scale with the thickness of the concrete.

15th October

Studio mock presentation


  • Curate in a more appropriate manner e.g. several larger posters
  • Only present technical drawings that are relevant (don’t double up)
  • Include more interior imagery (with figurines)
  • Spread out models
  • Less detail in speech (concentrate on design)
  • Render technical drawings

Internal photographs of model communicating the experiential qualities of my design. 

scale 1:20

model of ‘The Chameleon’ parasite project. I have made the model out of similar materials as I have designed for real life, and included it’s surrounding environment to communicate a contextual understanding of the site.  The model has a removable roof, so that a greater understanding of the internal features can be achieved. 

Materials I used include:

  • various balsa wood
  • clay
  • nylon rip stop material (waterproof/air proof/ UV resistant)
  • white card
  • cork sheets
  • styrofoam balls
  • felt
  • sculpting wire mesh
  • foam board

Capturing all the lighting conditions over a 13 hour time period. The light really animates the wall throughout the day as the light moves and dances across the wall. This exercise has deepened my understanding of the lighting conditions on site.

Inspiration for facade of parasite. Location is at the very end of Swanston street (cnr Swanston/Collins street). Looks like polished poured concrete that has been moulded onto something creating this creased ‘paper bag’ like effect.

Perforated facade of a car park on Literature lane, Melbourne

An image is created, purely by using different sized holes to perforate